About Us

Savvy Designs Fashion Jewelry is a trendy and fashionable jewelry line. It offers high end looks at affordable prices.

Owned by Linda Palish and based in North Jersey. Many pieces are custom made by her husband Jeff.  Savvy Designs Fashion Jewelry can be purchased directly online.

History of Savvy Designs

Linda started her career in the fashion industry where she worked as a sales executive for a clothing manufacturer for 27 years. She also sold a high priced clothing line form her home for five years.

She developed her fashionable jewelry business with a friend in 2013. She then started working exclusively with her husband. Besides online, they sell their line at fairs, marketplaces, corporations, gyms, hospitals and athletic events. They have a broad customer base of all ages.

About Linda

When Linda is not selling jewelry, she can be found on the tennis courts and skiing. She also loves spending time with her family, friends and especially her dog, Sam.

Linda loves to use her fashion sense to help style her customers. She enjoys showing people how to layer their jewelry and how to find the perfect jewelry for their outfits.

Customer service is very important to Savvy Designs Fashion Jewelry. Linda treats all her customers with a personal care. Everything down to the packaging has a special touch.

Shop Savvy Designs Fashion Jewelry’s fashionable collection for the hottest jewelry trends and styles at savvydesignsfashionjewelry.com.